Love this truck! Took me 40 years to own it. Bless my father

I have only owned this for 2 years. My father bought it when I was young and drove it mostly on weekends as a truck for camping and such. He would always park it in the same spot every night on our small farm.Finally after so much of asking him to let me drive it just out on the back roads and him turning me down ( hey I was almost 15 ) I started to take the truck out after I got home from school and run the back roads ( factory 390 & factory A.C. ) before he would get home. Needless to say one day when he came home a little early and I returned a little late and the motor was still warm ( and after that my rear was really smoking hot to say the least )

it all ended.

My father was a single parent at that time and was doing his best, but things did not work out as some thing do and I ended up not speaking to him for 15 years. After all the missed times we had, we made up more or less and had a somewhat normal life.

I had asked him for 20 years to let me buy the truck and had always been shot down, said he was going to sell it. Long story short, my dad took ill, passed and the truck sat in a garage for 8-9 years without being run. My sister had taken the truck to Washington to store it as she was the executor but after a month she called and said dad would want you to have it.

Now it is back in Michigan and I have had all suspension and brake work done so far, the truck has never been restored and all in fine shape as it was out west for most of its 44 years

I hope some day to be able to pass this to my son as well. Thank you dad!!!!

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