John H 1961 Ford Galaxie Sunliner 2dr Convertible

Keeping my boys close!

I've had several classic cars and have loved them all! When I got married and started a family, I decided a house and college funds were more important than my hobby, so I sold my old car and would dream about having another some day.

My wife and I were blessed with three boys, they liked cars and tolerated my obsession with cars. Attending countless shows and hearing all about the ones that got away. Unfortunately they didn't have the same level of love I had for these beautiful machines. That would soon change, when we unexpectedly heard about a car that might be for sale...

My wife, a nurse, came home one day and said a patients brother called her to let her know that this gentleman had passed away, his widow was going to sell some of his cars and he thought we may be interested, my wife didn't know what kind of car this was or even what condition it was in. We told the boys, and made plans to swing by early one morning to see it, when the garage was open and the car cover taken off we knew it was meant to be ours!

The owner knew we loved it as much as her late husband did, and we made a deal that was very fair and drove our baby home. Our baby is a 1961 Ford Galaxie Sunliner in turquoise, with a cream top and turquoise interior. The car looks new and drives better than a new car. The drive home was magical, the boys had never been in a convertible before and it sealed their fate! In a 5 mile ride they were hooked, they would never again be able to walk past an old car without stopping to appreciate it.

Since that day, my family has spent many hours hanging out at shows, going for ice cream, working on the car, and enjoying a drive in movie from inside an old car! Soon it will be just my honey and I taking her out for ice cream or a nice ride on a country road, but for now we enjoy spending every minute we can with our boys. And to make sure I really cement the love of old cars, my oldest just got to drive her for the first time. The smile on his face was all I needed to see, I will remember that feeling for ever!

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