Darrell O 1958, Chevy, Impala

Impala Thunder

i was woken up saturday morning by my dad, rushed through breakfast, we dropped my mom of at work at 8am, and shortly after arrived at Daniels Chevrolet, the local chevy dealership.

We were greeted by the salesman and he opened the black shiny door of the the sport coupe; peering inside, my jaw dropped to see all the chrome throughout the interior. The spacious interior was my private kingdom, and the delco radio was turned on and the sound of rock and roll ruled.

The salesman handed the keys to me, and i my hands were trembling; My dad took the keys from my clenched hands. He started the engine and the dual exaust, 348ci, three duce, big block roared!!!

The deal was finalized, we picked up my mom and drove around town; and we went to the drive-in hamburger stand for lunch and the drive- in movie that night; i had an ear to ear smile on my face all weekend.

That Impala, was the first of a string of chevy, big block muscle cars my mom and dad owned until the early 1970's.

I'll remember those muscle car days for the rest of my life.

( I'm currently looking for a restored 1958 Impala , Black , Chevy, big block.)

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