Mark P 1966 Pontiac GTO 2dr Convertible


When is was 19, my roommate told me one night that his friend spotted a 1965 GTO Convertible in the weeds near Duval, Washington and we should go and investigate about it in the morning. So, the next morning we went and dug it out of the weeds, and I began restoring it in my garage. It was rough, rusty, not drivable and needed a lot of work. As I began restoring it, I had a girlfriend at the time name Chris, she liked Chevys and thought is was crazy to spend the time and money fiddling with the Pontiac. Well, about 11 months later and an engine change, a grinder to grind down the entire body and a new interior, paint and complete restoration, it was time to take this beautie out for a spin. It was a hot summer night, I had broken up recently with my girlfriend Chris and was out with a friend of my Alex. We had been at dinner and two females had been eyeing us all night. Alex encouraged me to ask them if they wanted to go for a ride in my convertible, you know GTO Go! I got the guts to ask them, and surely they accepted. We were cruising down the main strip in a Seattle suburbs, the car was looking exterior, black interior, black top (dropped of course) and a four speed tranny. The ladies were enjoying the sound of the moter, the speed, the wind blowing through there hair, and my friend and I were feeling like we were going to get lucky! We pulled into a 7-11, and as I was walking up to the store I ran into my old girlfriend Chris. She looked at me, the beautiful GTO, fully restored, and the two beautiful ladies in the car with my friend; the look on her face was priceless, a look of jeliosy, envy, and knowing that she was missing out on being with me that night, in my classic car, cruising the town with no worries in the world. I remember that moment as if it was yesterday and cherish it for a lifetime! GTO, Go.

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