My Grandmother lived in Seeleys Bay, Ontario, a small village approximately 25 miles northeast of Kingston. It was a charming little farming town and very different from the lifestyle that us 'city slickers' were used to. Every summer our family would pack up and go visit Grandma for a week or two.

We had fun visiting all the relatives (most of the town was related one way or another) and experiencing farm livin'. One of the highlights of our visit was riding in Grandma's 1936 Ford Coupe. It was so much fun chugging along the old county roads -- sometimes wondering if we would make it up the hill.

Many times I would wander out to the garage (barn), sit in the car and pretend I was driving. Occasionally, when I felt brave, I'd hit the starter button. Of course, nothing was going to happen without the key, but I didn't know it at the time.

My grandma purchased the car in 1940. In 1975, grandma moved from Ontario to Michigan. My aunt took possession of the old car, and it was sent to California, where it remained for the next 28 years. In 2002, my aunt announced that she was moving to a senior apartment and no longer had a place to store Granny's car.

Out of the blue, my aunt told me that if I made arrangements to get the car moved from California, it was mine! I could not believe it!! I am the youngest of nine grandchildren (actually tied for 8th, as I am a twin.) Never in a million years did I think I would end up with Granny's car.

It needed work and some TLC, but today it is runs great, has almost all the original parts and paint and has less than 40,000 miles. My grandma was the 'little old lady who only drove to church on Sunday.'

My aunt passed away this year at the age of 93. My cousin sent me a letter telling me Auntie B was thrilled that the car stayed in the family and that "Grandma would be so happy."

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