GLENDA L 1948 Chev Coup

Flew the Coupe (1948 Chev)

Back in the late ‘70’s my sister’s boyfriend, Jim, restored a stealthy ’48 chev coupe – much like the picture I’ve attached. As a “little sister”, the opportunities to ride along were few and far between …. until the day my sister broke “Little Jim’s” heart. (We called him Little Jim, despite the fact he was just shy of 6’ and weighed over 200 lb.) I was soon invited to go camping on Prince Edward Island which back then, included an hour long ride on a ferry. We had a stellar time on PEI, blue skies and heads turning at every pass to catch a glimpse of our swank ride. Then…as we neared the ferry…we realized that we were short the money to cover the toll for 2 passengers and the Chevy. With great coaxing and many a bribe, I reluctantly crawled into the trunk. What we had not anticipated was the number of fellow passengers keen to get a first hand glimpse of Little Jim’s ’48 Chev Coupe. At one point in the journey, in an attempt to console me, he discreetly lowered the back seat, kissed me on the forehead and said, "You'll be okay". I spent nearly a full hour in the back of that dang rig listening to a cacophony of 'oohs and ahhhs'.

Although my dear friend, Little Jim, has succumbed to several debilitating strokes in recent years, he has not lost his sense of humour or his memories of his beloved ’48. We still laugh about the tongue lashing I gave him about "his stupid car” once I ‘flew the coupe’.

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