Drew C 1932 Ford Model B (Truck) 1/2 Ton 2dr Closed Cab Pickup

Driving with Dad

After I purchased my 1932 Ford Model B pickup, it took some time to get it running, once we had it running and road worthy my dad and I would go for a ride every sunday. We would spend a few hours driving, maybe pull over and tweak a few things and continue on our way. We would go to the farmers co-op and pickup plants whatever to make up an excuse to go for a ride. The best part of our ride was when people would stop, wave, honk their horns, he would get such a kick out of all the interest that the truck would bring. Dad has since passed,and we all miss him so but I know that whenever I'm working or driving he is with me. By the way dad was 10 years older than our pickup he thoutht that was pretty cool too.

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