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Camaro Love Story

Way back in 1970, I met my husband who had just come home from his "duty" in the US Army. As a gift to himself for serving in the Army, he bought a 1969 Camaro Z/28. This was his dream car..his baby..definitely "his girl"...:)...his first love!

We put a lot of miles on "his girl"...cruising around whenever/wherever we could. He did ALL of the driving because I did not know how to drive a stick shift. Little did I know that one night I would have to do the driving.

Long story short..too many beers one night, I was put in the driver's seat! Can I do this? Well I was sure going to try! After all, I had watched him drive for some time now. Just push in the clutch, put it in gear & hit the gas, right?The quiet little town of Yale was disturbed that night by my lack of driving skills. I think I may have been hitting the gas a little too hard..the wheels were squealing & smoking all over the place. On the bright side, I think I only stalled it maybe twice...and I did get us home!

Of course, the next day when he sobered up, my hubby was horrified by the way I treated "his girl" the night before. I could not understand why he could squeal the tires and I couldn't. He did it all the time and he was mad at me? Didn't make sense!

After that, I was allowed to drive, especially after we were married in 1971. He was actually sharing "his girl" with me! Then in 1975, after our first child was a year old, we had to park his girl. With the expense of the car insurance & the expense of raising a family, we could not afford to drive "his girl." And this was sad....:(...

Fast forward to 2004...our three sons got tired of seeing "his girl" sitting in pieces in the garage. First, our eldest son put together a motor. Then our youngest child started the body work. Somewhere along the way, and it took quite awhile, all three boys helped their Dad restore "his girl." July 5, 2005, we took the "old girl" out for the first time in 30 years!

And I got to drive first!...:)...

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