Ken K 1953 2-door coupe

losing my rollbar

I was a senior in High School and bought my first car, a 1953 Chevy 2-door coupe that I bought from the body shop of a local Dodge dealer in my home town. The car was your basic stripper, a six cylinder, three on the tree, and a heater, not even a radio. It had a white colored body, a blue colored hood, and a red colored trunk. It was my true patriot car and it was all mine for the glorious sum of $25.00. It ran good and had decent tires and brakes, but the interior was in sad shape with thread bare seats and no headliner, just the bows left in the headliner area.

I was working multiple part time jobs to afford car insurance and gas and had to buy accessories for the car one at a time while saving up for them.

My first purchase was a junk yard radio and antenna so I could have music while I cruised. I then eventually got a cheap set of seat covers from Western Auto (do you remember them) and finally a medium green paint job form Earl Sheib Paint Shop, I think it cost $14.95 and it was a princely sum of money, remembering I paid $25.00 for the whole car. I did not get to choose the paint color as the shop manager said I would get whatever color he had the most of on hand and because of that he would mask the car for me, instead of painting everything with the paint.

One night while cruising with my pal Gordon I hit a dip in the road pretty hard and for the umteenth time the front metal bow of my headliner (remember no cloth in the headliner was left) came loose and hit me on the head. I was irritated by it for the last time and grabbed the bow off my lap and threw it out the open drivers door window onto the street. I promptly announced to my pal Gordon "Well there goes my roll bar" and we both started laughing our heads off.

I drove the car for another year and it never left me stranded, it was a great first car for a young teenage driver.


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