charlie n 1941 2 door delux plymouth sedan

The drive in movie theater and the ’41 Plymouth

The drive in movie theater and the ’41 Plymouth

My first car was a 1941 two door deluxe Plymouth sedan. As it was my first car I spent any free time that I had tinkering with it. Most of the time I had no idea what I was doing but the Plymouth was a cool car in my eyes, after all it was a classic car, built before the war!

Most of my friends owned the really cool cars; either ’55, ’56’ or 57’ Chevys, or a ’55 ford or a ’49 Hudson. They would tease me about the Plymouth. They reassured me that girls didn’t date me because of my car but rather my personality.

While the Plymouth was the brunt of many jokes, they always wanted to use my car when it came to going to the local drive in movie theater on a saturday night. What my buddies liked was the large back seat which afforded us to triple date. Myself and my date in the front seat and the four of them in the rear. While I did not consider myself a “romeo," I was the one with no privacy sitting in the front seat.

The drive in theater was always a fun night out. A chance to be with friends, inexpensive and a right of passage as a senior licensed operator. Unfortunately real estate values in most communities made it more profitable to sell the drive in theaters for development of corporate parks, shopping centers or some other endeavor. Oh how I wish I could go to a drive in today with the ‘41!

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