Roger P 1966 Pontiac GTO 2dr Coupe

The Trip

In 1977 I graduated from High School and my family got me a 1965 GTO with a 400, 4Barr, 4 speed and a 3-36 possi and was a lot of fun. one day in june a friend of mine asked if I and 2 other friends would like to go camping in central Oregon and I said OK, so we packed up the GTO and got on the road, one person drove a motor cycle, as we headed south from Portland down I-5, about 35 miles south we are just crusing along and off one of the On ramps came a 72 Mustang fastback, well I had two other people and camping gear when the Mustang drive came up on me and challenged me well I said HANG ON GUYS, went to 3rd and stepped on it got up to about 75 hit 4th and I was gone, after about a mile and a half I slowed down but he was WAAYYY back so I dialed back down to about 65 and just continued on my way, never did see that Mustang and boy was my heart racing, I had't ever done that before what a kick.

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