Ronald M

The One That I Never Got Over

I remember as a kid oh say eight or nine years old my dad was tighten up the rod bearing on his 1939 Chevy stake body truck.You use to be able to do this by taking out shims on the rod caps and I remember laying under the truck holding the light for him, which according to him I never got quite right. This started my love for mechanics and cars, my dad always did his own repairs and I was always there hoping to learn all that I could. When I turn sixteen I bought my own car it was a 1955 Buick Century 4dr hardtop it had a grey top and white bottom with red interior.I love that car to this day! It was fast and fun to drive, I would pick up my girl friend after school every day and I had cut outs on my exhaust and would open them up before I pick her up. She told me that it embarrass her, but she never told me to stop picking her up. Those were great days and I will always love them. By the way that girl became my wife we have two girls six grand children and three great grand children, and we have been married fifty years. I would not trade any of it for the world!

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