Michael L 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

The OUTRAGEOUS 1963 Split Window ride of my life!!!

I was 17 years old, the year was 1964 and I was working at the local Strauss Store, where I sold on the floor: waxes, oil etc. The store manager, Freddie Martini, had a 1963 split window corvette in a bronze/gold color, 4 speed, the engine I don't know, but he drove me home which was only 2 blocks away but the ride was awesome and when I got out of the car a few of my friends were out and when I got to speak with them after exiting this ride, they said who was that and I told them who it was. I'll never forget that first ride and from that moment on I knew I had to own one someday.

I bought my first corvette, a 1977 coupe, in 1979, I then went one to own, at the same time, a 1971 Chevelle SS hard top, with a 350 cu.in./270 h.p., 4 speed with a Hurst shifter and a bench seat. I had the corvette for 29 years and sold this and the Chevelle in 2005. I then bought a 1965 Corvette Roadster, 4 speed with a 327 cu.in.300 h.p. and I sold that to purchase the ultimate, a 1967 Corvette 427 cu.in. 400 h.p. tri-power, 4 speed all original with the original tank sticker/build sheet. This is the one I now drive and two pics are attached

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