ELWYN E 1952 Farmall Super A

The Duesey in the Wood

In the early sixty's, when the Annual Wood-TV Tour was an anticipated West Michigan activity, the tour stopped at the Old Kalamazoo Holiday Inn on Crosstown Parkway. I was with an older friend who was in love with Duesenbergs and he was dancing around a beautiful two-tone green Dual Cowl Phaeton. As he explained to me the importance of these significant automobiles, we were approached by a young man in period knickers and duster. He explained that this car was originally built for the silent movie star Clara Bowes and it now belonged to some friends of his. He continued to introduce himself as Frietz Duesenberg, the Grandson of the real Mr. Duesenberg of automotive fame. I'm not sure if the reality of the moment sunk in immediately or if it took some additional exposure to these magnificent machines, but that moment has stuck with me for some fifty years.

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