Ken D 1963 Plymouth Fury 4dr Hardtop Sedan

Ouch, That Hurt.

Back in 1969 I was about to get my Drivers License. My 2nd oldest brother had a 1963 Plymouth Fury 4Door Hardtop that he bought from Mom and Dad after they decided to Move up to something newer. A 1967 Fury sedan. Anyway, we went down to the DMV, went inside and took care of all that stuff and went outside to get in the car and proceed to go for the Driving test. We drove around for about 30 minutes and on the way to the Last Maneuver, which was to Parallel Park right out in front of the DMV office where there was a Huge Oak Tree that had lifted the sidewalk and parking Boulevard, and others waiting all over the place to go out for there test. With my Brother waiting and worrying about his 63 coming back in one piece we pull up to make the last MOVE for me to Pass the Test and get my License, "O" Boy, I go to pull up and get straightened out and Back up to Make the Cut and Place the car next to the Curb, with my Brother still watching, I cut the wheel to the right and back up slowly, my Heart Pumping like crazy, ( My Brother and I) have done this many times before knowing that it is on the Test, as I am backing up slowly things are PERFECT, I know now is the Time to cut it back to the left and park the car Right Next to the Curb, which is all humped up and kind of in the way because of the Oak Tree Stump, (and the DMV Test people) know about the Issue with the Curb and how hard it is to get it right without doing it over and over, or pulling up a little and moving around. Ok, so I start the CUT to the LEFT, it's going to be One Perfect Move and I will have passed the Test. All the sudden, "B A N G" a huge noise from the Left Front side of the car, mind you everyone is watching, Including My Older Brother. Now the Front left side has dropped down a little, and I "CANT STEER" the Car, the Left Front Steering had Snapped something off. Ended up being the Idler Arm. GREAT, the DMV guy wouldn't pass me because of Unsafe Equipment or some silly thing. Scared the H _ _ _ out of everyone out there. And I almost Wet myself, I thought I had really done something to my Brothers BABY. I was so Bummed out, But no one was Hurt. We had to call for a TOW , how embarrassing was that, and I went back in 6 Weeks and Passed the Driving Part with the Same 63 Fury with New Parts up Front. "O" , no kidding, I got the Same Instructor to. I think he was nervous, I know I was, but I did GREAT, Parked it "PERFECTLY" with "TWO TURNS OF THE WHEEL" . MAN, you talk about embarrassing and Scary. All my Brother could say is, Thank the Lord above you weren't doing 40MPH somewhere and took out 3 Parked cars. A while afterwards the 63 was sold for a 70 4 Door Dart, Brother got Married, and we saw the Car in a Junk Yard a while after that, Interior all tore up steering wheel gone etc. We new the car cause my Brother remembered the Lic Plate. Asked if he would sell it and the Fees and tow charges were to high and my Brother passed on it. Dad said it wasn't worth it, and we never saw the 63 4 Dr again. What Great Memories form the 1960's. SAD to see a MOPAR BE CRUSHED, we assumed that is what took Place. Ken Davis.

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