William C 1948 Ford Super Deluxe 2dr Coupe

My first Woodward Dream Cruise

I participated in my first Woodward Dream Cruise in 2000, the year I got my '48 Ford. Instead of just parking we decided to drive down Woodward to the State Fairgrounds to participate in the "Cruisapalooza" that was being held there, complete with raffles and a swap meet. On the way down we got a lot of waves and thumbs ups. Once we got to the Fairgrounds we parked and walked around to look at some of the other cars. After that we headed north on Woodward Avenue and were once again met with many thumbs ups and waves. Sometimes when, we were stopped for a red light, folk would ask us to stay so they could take our picture. My favorite classic rock station played many car-related tunes like "Hot Rod Lincoln," and "One Piece at a Time," neither of which my wife had heard before. Altogether it was a great day and we were just able to participate in just one more "Dream Cruise" before retiring and moving to northern Michigan. We still drive the car and participate in parades and shows. Yes, it's true, life's better in a classic.

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