Jeff W

Mom's Valentine

My father thought that giving my mom a new 9 passenger wagon for a Valentines present was a good idea. We loaded up the family (1 adult, 10 kids) and proceed to drive all around town, down to the river, by all our friends houses so they could see us in a new car for once. After about 4 or 5 hours it got boring so we headed home. Our place had a half moon drive and mom pulled it up in front of the house and we all unloaded. My father who had stayed home went out a little latter to see how dirty we had gotten the car, and he came right back in and asked where did mom park it. Well, we all went out to see what he meant and there was no car. My oldest brother said hey! There it is across the street. Evidently my mom didn’t know about pulling the lever down on the dash to engage park and the car had rolled out of the drive and across the street into a pole in the ditch. So our new car now had a big dent in the center of the front. Dad said no more Valentines gifts.

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    Rebecca Michigan July 15, 2014 at 12:46
    What a great looking car and a funny story. I am sure your dad got at least one more Valentine's gift for his wife, right?

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