Bill A 1978 Dodge Magnum XE 2dr Coupe


(picture is not of actual car, internet pic of identical car)I remember when we were coming home from watching the Daytona 500 on closed circuit TV in Columbus Ohio, way back when it wasn't broadcasted everywhere, anyway, we were coming home from the race broadcast, when 2 young guys in a Toronado were "teasing' my dad by edging back and forth alongside him, I remember he said watch this, when they came forward, he nailed the Charger's 383 Magnum and it was all over before it even began. After that, they laid back and when we came to our exit then both waved the peace sign at us. My father sold Dodges for nearly 40 years, and always got 4 door Polaras or something similar, this was the first and last deviation from the classic C bodied Mopars. He would have many a run-in with others who'd "pick a fight" with him, I don't think he ever lost a race. It's the only car around home (other than an occasional Road Runner), that was known for topping 150 mph!! Dead Stock. What memories of that car. My sister bought it after he used it, ran it for some years, and traded in on a Dodge Colt Wagon. My dad was furious. So many memories with and from that Charger!!

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