fred M 1965 Plymouth Barracuda 2dr Fastback Coupe

Long distance trip

back in 1972 I was stationed in Long beach Calif.I had just bought the Barracuda.It was my first vehicle that I could afford on credit.Being in the Navy did not have a lot of Money.I had sugery done that year on my Tailbone on the hospital ship Uss Hope a hospital ship.From there there they gave me a new set of orders to the east coast.things got better I took almost 3 weeks leave to move my things and the Barracuda.I drove to Spokane Washington to visit Mom and Dad.This car had an oil problem but it got me there.When I got home I said to my father I need to trade this car in for another one .He talked me out of it.So he said lets overhaul the engine.So pressed for time He and I took took the Motor out And sent it to Napa auto prts they where also engine rebuilders at the time.Got the motor back with in 5 days and put it in the car.When everything got connected up got the car running perfect.Now it was time head to my New Duty Station Newport Naval Station .Newport Ri I had commissioned a ship in Boston in Feb 1973 And it was home ported in Newport. Ri Drove the Barracuda out in the spring of 1973.No breakin 3000 miles one way .One Breakdown 50 miles outside of Chicago a flat tire in front of a Gas station...Drove the car out here for a year around New port and Boston It was a very awesome car.Newport closed and we moved to Charleston Sc.Sold the Car because the family did not go down with me It was cheaper to fly emagine...It was a very dependable car

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