Mike P 1965 Chevrolet Impala 4dr Hardtop Sedan

Long ago, but we're all still here.....

As I stood in my garage watching the rain fall yet again, leaning on my beloved Impala, I remembered all the events that got me to where I am today. I've had this car for a long time. I bought it for a hundred bucks back in 1975. It had no engine or transmission, a friend I bought it from took them out and put them in a 72 Nova. Sixty fives were plentiful back then, the $100 price wasn't uncommon for a driver quality car. I had 3 of them, the Impala, a Bel Air and a Biscayne. I parted out the Bel Air and Biscayne to make one good car. The down side was they both had 230 cubic inch six cylinder engines in them. They were also both "3 on the tree" manual transmissions. So I got to work and put the "big six" in the Impala. I had to cut a new hole in the floor for a Hurst floor shifter because it was several inches shorter than the original Muncie. I had to take out the console, and I stored it in my garage. I enrolled in auto body school at a technical college and the Impala became my final project car. I restored the interior to original and painted it myself. I drove that car for years. I took my girlfriend to her prom (my present wife) and proposed to her in the parking ramp before taking her home in the wee hours of the morning. I asked her "How would you like to see the sunrise with me for the rest of your life?" She misunderstood and said, "No thanks, I'll get in trouble!" Then I pulled out the ring and put it on her finger. The years went by, I needed more reliable transportation and drove many other cars and vans while my trusty Impala sat and waited for me. About 12 or 15 years went by, my gear head nephew was growing up and had already rebuilt two Ford engines, one for his car and one for his dads. He came over one day and the Impala caught his eye. He looked at it and was amazed that it "was still all there!" And it was. "Let's get it back to original" he said with a smile. That started a fall and winter long project, and when spring came we were installing the original 396 and Muncie "rock crusher" four speed it had from the factory. And yes, I still had the console and returned it to it's rightful place between the bucket seats! It still remains a work in progress. Since the picture here it has had new body panels welded in (by you guessed it, my nephew) and new wheels (Classic Cragar S/S's) and some other improvements. My wife still cruises around with me in it as did all three of my daughters. Now I have a grandson who has turned in to quite the little motorhead himself. He's right in there with me whenever I clean it or work on it. When things get the best of me, a cruise in my old friend does wonders for me. It's a blast to drive with power and performance that has been lost in todays vehicles. I used to street race in my youth (I know, I know. You did too.) But kids in their "ricers" now just kind of slump down in their seats when they hear the big block announce itself at the stoplights through the two and a half inch dual exhaust. :) I wonder what the future holds. One constant I'm sure of is that my Impala will be there. I love this car!

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