Matt P 1965 Pontiac Tempest Custom 4dr Sedan

Infant drives home in Tempest, Film at 11

In November 1965 my parents bought a new Pontiac Tempest 4 door. On the 16th of November I was born and was driven home from Baylor Medical Center in Dallas Texas in the same Tempest. Fast forward to 2012. My mother passed away from cancer in August 2012. While going through her many photo albums I found a picture of my brother and I in front of the Tempest in December 1965. My wife Karen and I had often thought of buying a classic car. We built a new home that had a 3rd car garage and we decided to try to find a Tempest. We looked high and low and finally found this Tempest in Michigan. We are very excited to have this great car and we love taking it to cruise nights and car shows. The picture attached is at the same hamburger joint in the movie Dazed and Confused called Top Notch Burger in Austin Texas.

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