Ed G 1976 Cadillac Eldorado 2dr Convertible

How to hold the wheel of a classic Caddy

My red exterior with white interior 76 Eldorado is covered in chrome and always gets a smile, thumbs up, or "nice car" comment when she's on the road.

I bought her in 2002 when she had 4,700 original miles on it.

Fans seem to come from every age group and there are as many men and boys who enjoy the car as women and girls.

Last week I walked out of a restaurant to find a young man with a camera smiling and snapping away while his mom looked on.

I suggested that his mom should take his picture behind the wheel and he lit up.

Amazingly as he climbed in, sat down and pulled the massive door closed he instinctively put his right hand on the top of the steering wheel and rested his left elbow on the top edge of the driver's door.

Seems as though each one of us is born with the inner knowledge of exactly how to hold on the wheel of a classic Caddy!

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