David P 1940 Chevrolet Master Deluxe 2dr Town Sedan

High School Graduation Parade

Several years back, I was asked to use my 1940 Chevrolet in a parade for a joint high school graduation for all the graduation classes at an old school building that was as their high school from 1936 to 1960 in the small town of Hudson, North Carolina. Upon arrival, I noticed that someone had purchased magnetic signs to use on the parade cars for each school year, along with the names of students who had already agreed to ride in the parade. Looking around for anyone to ride in my car, I found three older ladies holding the sign for the year of 1940. When I found out they had not already been assigned a car, I said, since I have a 1940 Chevrolet, you can ride with me.

Before the parade got started, I found out each lady not only graduated high school in 1940, but each then went on to college at our local, Lenoir-Rhyne college and upon graduation, became elementary school teachers in the Hudson area. So once the parade go started, and with their names on my car, they actually "knew" everyone along the route. Not only did they teach the parents, the taught the children, and it seems like everyone was just so glad to see them, and waving, and of course, waving back. My special guests not only knew everyone along the parade route, they even knew the police and firemen who were directing traffic.

When we completed the short parade, and ended up at the old high school building, I presented the magnetic signs to the ladies, and then received a hug from each. When I got back to my house, I told my wife that if I knew how much fun I'd had, I would have gladly paid $100.00 entry fee if requested.

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