Gordon S 1965 Pontiac LeMans GTO 2dr Hardtop Coupe

Granny in the Peach Parade

The story began in 1965 when a young women of 22, name of Sandra, puchased her first car - a GTO. She loved the car and drove it in good weather and bad. She encountered a celebrity by the name of Hank Williams driving his caddie, you know, the one with long horns on the front, and even though he flirted and wanted her to stop she just kept on driving. One day she was going to the lake, dressed in her itsey bitsey tweeny weeney yellow pock-a-dot bikini when she had a flat - lots of boys stopped to help her change it. Fast forward to 2012 when that same women, now 70 took her two granddaughters along with their boy friends for a ride in the Peach Parade in that same GTO. The car was now the celebrity with many of the same boys who stopped to help her fix the flat now wanting to buy the immaculate vehicle - like she did with Hank, she turned them down.

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