Nancy B 1957 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Convertible

Grandma's TB

My mother purchased her TB in Salem, Oregon from her daughter in law. Her husand, my brother already had a '57 Thunderbird with a racing engine he ordered from the factory. They didn't need two.

My mother drove it to work and around Salem for several years and myself and my kids were able to ride it it at different times. I was only allowed to drive it once! After she gave up driving it, my brother stored is for 20 years at his place of business, always telling us he was keeping it in running condition. My mother died in 2006 at age 99 1/2. The names on the title were my mother's, my brother's, and mine. Of course he wanted the car and offered me $5000. for it. I said no and then he agreed to have it appraised by an appraiser from Portland. It was appraised at $32,500 because it was NOT in running condition. We were both working through attorney's at this time. In December of 2008, my brother died whose name was the last standing on the title? MINE.

My two sons went to Salem from where we live in WA state, and trailered the car back north. It took my one son several months and around $1000 to get Grandma's car in running condition. I think my brother wanted my car for his second son. The license plate says "Grandma's TB" in honor of my mother and I am also a Grandmother. It has a place in my garage, keeping out my '95 Thunderbird. Both birds are red. My kids don't want Grandmother's car to ever be sold outside our family.

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