howard m 2004 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Convertible

Frozen in place, the story of Hagerty to the rescue...

It was the end of this past February when I started up my 2004 Thunderbird at about 7;30am in my driveway. It was a very cold winter day when

I started the engine. That was the start of a three month tale of surprise, aggravation and frustration which only ended when a call to Hagerty

Insurance came to the rescue.

After starting the car, I noticed that every dashboard light came on. I also found out that the power steering was not functioning as well. I chose

to limp along to my local ford dealer about 5 miles from my home. After two days, I received a call from the service department at Tower Ford

in Great Neck New York, informing me that the front electronic module was ''fried'', thus rendering my car into a pile of parked steel parked in

a lot.

For 3 months I did everything one could do to locate a replacement module. Ford Customer Care informed me that the supplier that manufactured

the module is out of business and that Ford no longer carries the part. My dealer informed me that even if a module was available, I was looking at


Throughout March of 2014 I checked the internet with zero success. REPEATED calls to both my local Ford dealer as well as to Ford's national

customer care line resulted in nothing doing and no front electronic module available throughout the United States.

Fast forward to May 1st 2014. I turned on CNN, and saw a Hagerty commercial. I had an idea. I called Hagerty and spoke with a very understanding representative. I explained that although I do insure another classic car with Hagerty, my Thunderbird is insured with Geico.

The Hagerty rep was very happy to assist me and asked if I could wait a few minutes while he did some checking. Sure enough, after a few minutes

he suggested that I contact Leif Johnson Ford in Austin Texas. Their parts man informed me that they did have a NEW unit in a sealed box.

For $326.00 DOLLARS my frozen Thunderbird was brought back to life. I did have to pay Tower Ford to install it.

My T'bird now runs like a dream. My 7 year old granddaughter has 11 years to go, before driving my classic car off to college.

Howard Mandell

Jamaica Estates, New York

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