linda m mercury comet caliente convertible

Forever Family!!

We bought our 1964 Comet Caliente Convertible from my husbands brother. It sat in his shed for several years and he finally decided to sell it. My husband had told him several years ago that he wanted first chance at buying it if he ever sold it. Well the day finally came and we bought it! What my brother-in-law didn't know was the squirrel's had gotten into it and there was nuts stored everywhere!! When they started it up' nuts even shot out of the tail-pipe!! We have laughed about that for a longtime. We brought it home and continued to find nuts as we cleaned it and eventually started doing some repairs on it! We have had so many good times in the 64 Convertible and will always remember finding nuts everywhere!!!

Floyd and Linda McIntosh

P.S. We are NUTS about our 1964 COMET CALIENTE CONVERTIBLE!!!!

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