Sally A 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S 2dr Convertible

Fell in Love with Man and His Car

Over two years ago I fell in love with a man and his car.

I grew up around cars and learned how to work on them from dad. Almost 3 years ago I met my love, soulmate, David. He’s a mechanic by trade and restores cars on the side. When we met he told me he was restoring a 68 cutlass convertible. As we began our journey he introduced me to the car, which I named Scarlett. Scarlett had been left in a field and neglected. David stripped her down and rebuilt her. As he told and showed what he had already done his eyes would light up and he became very animated, which was very contagious to me. I got to help where I could and was totally amazed how gifted he was with his hands. As the time went Scarlett went from a shell of car she once was to a beautiful woman. I fell in love with both of them and am so proud of them both.

At the end of June we entered her in car show in couple towns over. That day, David got to meet the previous owner who was speechless on how beautiful she looked and kept thanking David for restoring her to her former beauty. It was very touching to see the love and admiration these men had for the car and each other. So that’s my story of falling in love with a man and his car.

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