Daron S 1959 Austin-Healey 100-6 BN6 2dr Roadster

Don't pass that candle.

My brother and I are gear heads from a very young age. It was normal to always have the scent of old car maintenance as a teenager. When we were in high school my brother had an Austin Healy 100-6 that was a real work in progress to put it nicely. On Christmas eve he had been working on the car in the afternoon and didn't feel the need to change shoes before we went to candle light Christmas Eve and services with our mother. His car had a slight fuel leak. Just enough to put a slight spray of fuel towards the firewall and leaving the strong smell of gas on the drivers shoes. When we got to the end of the service at the point where everyone lights their candles to sing Silent Night I leaned over to him and wispered "you are about to see some true believers because your gas soaked boots are going to set you off in a spontaneous combustion". It was all we could do to not burst out laughing so hard we drew attention from too many including our dear mother. It was the kind of laugh that if you were drinking milk it would have come out your nose. 35 years later our mother still talks about that one. Still close with my brother and gut wrenching laughter is the norm when we get the chance to get together.

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