Doug W 1937 Buick Special Model 41 4dr Trunk Back Sedan

Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road

It was October, 1972. Vicki and I had just started dating. We had attended a Halloween costume party in my '37 Buick. I wore my pinstriped suit and Vicki had a fur coat - not a mink, but some lesser animal that gave its life for a good cause.

I was taking her back to the dorm - she was a Senior nursing student - and there it was - a big ol' polecat crossing right in front of us! That big Buick flattened that skunk, but not before the skunk got its revenge.

Old cars have mohair upholstery, which tends to soak up things in the air, be it oily exhaust fumes or skunk spray. That car reeked for weeks! And the fur coat? Vicki hung it up in her room, and her sleeping roommate woke up to Pepe' Le Pew!

We just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary, and although the '37 has been replaced by several newer Buicks, we still remember the night we got "skunked"!

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