Greg H Austin Cambridge A60

British Love

So my classic is a British made 1961 Austin Cambridge, fins, four speeds manual shift on the column and a quirky reverse pattern which needed a full five day in class instruction to understand.

My dad showed me how to double clutch that baby to keep the grinding to a minimum when shifting(no synchronizers) My first date was in this car on a road trip down the south coast of Jamaica, west to Negril and final destination Montego Bay on the north coast.

Coming up the turns and curves of the coastal road in the dead of night, the electric fuel pump situated in the trunk quit. Not a good impression for a new girl

I discovered that by tapping it with the handle of a screwdriver, it would work intermittently.

So a decision was made. My girlfriend took up residence in the trunk and kept tapping the fuel pump to keep it going as we spent the next two hours motoring down dark country roads all the way into Montego Bay late at night much to the amusement of other curious road users. Needless to say, the girl in the trunk 33 years ago has been my wife for the last 29 years.

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