Paul L 1967 Oldsmobile Delta 88 2dr Holiday Coupe

Born Again!

Some years ago my son and I began talking about restoring a classic car. The Dream Cruise in the Detroit area has become very popular. The bug finally got us. We decided on a Oldsmobile Delmont 88. 100% original. Later Aunt Marian, now deceased sold us her 1967 Delta 88, 2 door coup. for a $1. It was really rough. Neverthe less we found our way to restore it too. In the process of all that a friend menioned that there was a 1968 Delmont 88 in Rogers City, MI. We looked at it and made necessary arrangements to purchase it too! Working on the fleet rate!!

All cars are in great running order. Neither will be a great investment. But the stories and experience is insurmontable....

We even went to Canada to get a parts car...

More details available upon request.

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