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A pair of Super Sports

In 1975 as a 4th grader my friends dad had a 70' chevelle SS convt. 454 LS5 4spd and when I went over to visit we would get in the car and pretend to drive it one of us would make the engine sound as other shifting gears as the flapper on hood sucked in cold air. That was my first encounter with muscle cars. As I grew into my teens in the 80's another friend had a 67 mustang convertible and we would cruise around looking for any muscle cars and we would ask the owners to take us for a ride. We got to ride in 69 Z28's, 70 camaro with 283,70 & 73 Boss mustangs,69 chevelle, 65 GTO, on up to 84 Hurst Olds, Monte Carlo SS, 84 GT's, as well as 78 Z28 and Trans Am's. Well fast forward to 1995 I got to purchase a 69 camaro SS and with in a year I called the gentleman with the 70 chevelle SS that started it all and was able to purchase it also. Well as I was married and then we had a son things took priority over cars so I would end up selling them both in the late 90's before the market exploded. It was in 2011 that I was able to get another 69 SS camaro. I love all the muscle cars and old cars as well as the the muscle cars of today. Wow how awesome it has been to see the progression of 350's to LS motors and now LT motor in the new corvette making 638 hp and getting 29 mpg/hwy. I also thank my brother for having 55 chevys, chevelles, chevy II, GTO, and camaros, for fueling my passion as a kid riding with him and watching him wrench on them.

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