Cam S 1965 Plymouth Barracuda 2dr Fastback Coupe

'65 Barracuda shreds Physician's Desk Reference Books

In high school my buddy had a well worn '65 Barracuda with a built 318. This was a Michigan car and it was 21 years old at the time so it had it's fair share of rust but ran REALLY strong on top of being a light car. We were cutting through the parking lot behind a pharmacy off 8 mile and Beech Daly and noticed a stack of Physician Desk Reference books next to the dumpster. Us being dumb high school boys we had a brilliant idea to put the thickest book in front of my buddy's snow tire on this barracuda. After he did this he punched the gas and did a massive hole shot which completely obliterated this book. We stopped to admire our work and noticed the pages were floating down over most of the half acre parking lot and they were fluttering down slowly. It took about a minute for all the pages to land.

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