Gary M

1955 Chevorlet Bel Air

In 1965 i just won a drag race at Lions dragstrip in Wilmington California. My Bel Air had a 265 cid 180 hp. I put a Corvette racing cam, and changed the engine with a 327 fueiie with 300 hp. I also put in a hurst 4 speed transmission from a 3 on the tree. What i didn't know was i took out the record holder that day at Lions Dragstrip. The person i beat found out my address in Torrance Ca. and wanted to race me again. I said ok any time 2 out of 3 races at lions next week. Next week came we had two races, and both times i whipped him good. I asked him if he would like the 3rd. race to see if he good get 1 out of 3 races. All he did was flip me off, and said the F WORD. I for got to mention i paid $500.00 for my Bel Air. I went into the US Navy on July 28 1965, and in Sept. of that year the Watts Riots were going full bore. And some one Stoled my pride and joy. I never saw that car again. My Classic car insured by Hagerty is my 1977 El Camino Classic with a brand new 383 Stroker with 500 hp. Completely restored. with a Electric Blue paint job that cost me $3000.00 Interior Black and silver with a remote old school radio with a ten CD changer. cragar wheels on all four firestone Indy 500 white letter tires.

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