Chris H

1948 plymouth special deluxe restoration project!

ok, first of all, im a daycare provider for NYS. i get paid monthly and usually arround $1500 a month. So I dont get paid much, they held my checks for 3 months and when i finally got paid it was my birthday. febuary/20. keep in mind ive never been to college. the local college told me "if you dont go to school for this major, you will never achieve your dream of opening a classic cars garage and you'll always be mechanically inclined" .... so on my birthday i found my 1948 plymouth special deluxe, decided to show that douchebag college professor what i can do without college. dropped a 350sbc in it with a th350 trans, ford 9in rear, posi. custom built the motor block up. just a few weeks ago, i see the college professor driving his chevelle... his so called "prized possesion" supposidly its the fastest car in buffalo.... met him at the red light, rolled down my window and go "hey, remember, ill never achieve my dream of having a classic car garage and ill always be mechanically inclined right" light goes green and i roasted him! waited at the next light, he goes "i remember you, lets go again, i wasnt ready" so we did it again.... ROASTED HIM TWICE IN A ROW! lol so I yell out "mechanically inclined right??" "NOT BAD FOR SOMEONE WHOSE ALWAYS GUNNA BE MECHANICALLY INCLINED!" he was definatly mad xD best story ive got for you guys so far. Ive decided to swap the 350 for a 440 with a 727. Im going to take out the black leather buckets and go for an all white leather interior with bench seats, toss in a beer cooler in the rear seat, go with white wall tires and finish off the car. the pics I posted was still in restoration. Plymouth gets painted white in a few weeks. I also have a 64 studebaker daytona im working on as well

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