Mike P 1932 Ford Model B 2dr Sport Coupe

1932 Three Window @ 18 Years Old, What Did i Do?

I purchased a 1932, 3 window coupe from three men at the Santa Ana Drag Strip/Airport in 1960. Did I know what I had, No? The three men attached headlights on the white and coupe. I meet one of the men at his home, paid for the car with the new headlights and off I drove with instructions to not get in trouble or get tickets, as she was fast and loud! Tickets came and the breakage of the third member. After the third time of replacing the rear gears, my friends said you should trade that one and get a ride that doesn't break so much. They had a friend that wanted the car, plus I was one a few with a car for rides! I traded the 32 for a 1956 Pontiac, two door with three on the tree. Didn't take long and I know what it cost to think twice before your friends help you out of a cool ride. The guy I traded with had heavy foot also, but he took out the rear end and the transmission, all in little pieces. He never did put the car back together, he sold the car in pieces. I have not been able to find My Fine 1932, 3 window. The only wrinkle that she had was on the roof, drivers side just above the door. a dent that ran about 6 inch long, very sight dent.

Still looking at all the three window coupes for the very sight dent to the divers side roof. Missing one neat ride!

P.S. My Dad was happy to see the ride go away, he towed me home (via a rope, 1960) more times than we have fingers and toes!

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