sean c

my dads $25 '69 GTX

i was 9 when my dad brought home a '69 GTX in 1977. he bought it from some dummy for $25 who couldnt get it to run because it ran out of gas near the Ford dealership where my dad worked. it was red with black leather interior and a 440. one day he sat at the top of our block put me and 2 of my friends in the back seat and said hang on. i remember feeling like someone was pushing me into the seat as the car accelerated at full power.

to this day i still remember watching the speedometer needle fly past 1,2,3,4,5,6,........etc. i remember there were single digit numbers instead of 10,20,30......etc. that was the only time i rode in the GTX my dad sold it shortly thereafter. still the most powerful car ive been in, sure wish he woulda kept that one

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