Stephanie T Volkswagon 63

Two chicks in cool car

My friend Ashley and I ( Ashley is much younger than I am) snuck out my daughters 63 volkswagon and drove it to a cruse in. Had fun and thought we had gotten away with it since my daughter was out or town at another show until we broke down on the way home! I told Ashley to get out and push. She said I can't push a car. I said trust me just go back there. It worked as she is really cute. She leaned in to push and three guys appeared from out of the sky and pushed us out of traffic and into a parking lot. Now what, this sedan pulls up besides us. It's a middle aged couple so we are not to concerned. The gentle man walks over and says you ladies having a problem? I explained it just quit. He looks at the motor and says you got any gum? What????? I know gum can fix a lot of things but a car!!!!! We'll we didn't have any gum so he says let me see if my wife has any. Thank goodness she did. He wanted the foil wrapper from the gum!!! H e did something and it fired right up!!!!He ask us if we knew a lady named Kim she has a vw just like the one we were driving? We have been caught now he knew my daughter. W e didn't tell him we snuck the car out but that was my daughter. He happened to be the president of the vw club in out area we learned? We thanked him and drove on home. Monday he called my daughter to make sure we got home. We Got caught so she hides the keys from her mom now! I remember hiding the keys from my daughter when she was growing up. Payback. Hahahaha

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