Bill G 1948 Mercury 2 door

Trip of a Life Time!

Trip of a Life Time!

The trip of a life time covered 5000 miles and 11 states in our one of a kind 1948 Mercury two door sedan.

After waiting for over a year for a new engine and installing it I was totally disappointed in the way it ran. With two weeks to go before departing St. Paul, MN to join up with fellow V8ers I was pulling the engine once again.

Our destination was Lake Tahoe, CA and the Early Ford V8 National Meet. June 8, 2013, we departed St Paul on the first leg of the trip to Omaha, NE. We joined up with fellow V8 travelers in Omaha resulting in about 25 cars in all heading West on the Lincoln Highway.

The uncertainty of things to come was on my mind as we traveled on our way. But car ran perfectly and then the rain came. I had spent a few days sealing the windows and cowl vent prior to leaving. Well, we didn't have enough paper towels or newspaper to soak up the water as it came in. The windshield leaked, the cowl vent leaked, and the trunk leaked. Luckily, it just rained the first day and we had beautiful weather from then on.

The Cornhusker V8 group really took care of the travelers. They fed us Noon and night, and even put on a car show. I can’t say enough about the hospitably of this regional group.

When in Kimble, NE, the town went all out for us and the Lincoln Highway anniversary. They fed us, put on a car show, and had a Band to entertain us. Everywhere we went we were well received.

Some hills in Utah proved to quite a challenge for flathead Fords with vapor lock. I believe mine was one of the few without electric fuel pump that didn’t vapor lock.

We traveled on the “Loneliest Road in America”, Nevada’s Highway 50 to Ely,NV. While our group was stopped for the night, a tour bus with foreign travel reps arrived. They were being shown the highlights around Nevada. One fellow got off the bus and asked “What planet is this?”

Lake Tahoe, CA was a beautiful place for the car show. The concourse was laid out in a rolling parking lot among boulders and tall pines. The only problem was the pollen from the trees! This yellow dust got into everything!. The car did receive a second in the Touring Class.

The trip home took us through Bonneville, Yellow Stone, Wall Drug, and back too MN.

We are glad we went and would do it again except for parts of NE, NV, and SD.


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