Joe Z 1965 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

Thought I Never Would Own One

I was 18 when the 1965 Corvette came out. Just graduated high school. I found myself in the US Army shortly after. Out of the Army in 1969. College and a PhD, a teaching job, marriage (first house), two kids. Kids grow go to college, graduate, get Masters Degrees. Paying college costs, third house, retirement. Ten years after retirement, we come into a little money. My loving wife knew that I wanted a 1965 corvette since we dated. I had over the years collected a small library of 1965 Corvette information. My wife said lets look for one. Well after about a year, I saw one on e-bay. I made contact with seller and made arrangement to see it. Well at the same time another one came up on e-bay. I contacted that person and made arrangements to see it also. We flew from Chicago to Dallas to see one of them. It had all I wanted but it needed a paint job(Silver) and the person want to much and wouldn't negotiate. We flew from Dallas to Springfield, OHIO. There I saw a Glenwood Green 1965 Corvette Coupe with factory installed AC, PB, PS, PW. I fell in love with it. So did my wife. We bought it and we have been driving around in it for over a year. We love it. So I did get a 1965 Corvette 49 years later End of Story

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