Pete D 25ft. cabin cruiser

Taken care of a friends boat

Years ago when I lived in New York, I had a friend that owned this boat. We have gone out on it several times I was not married as of yet so we would pick up some girls and take them out and fish and have a good time. My friend traveled for work and asked me to check on the boat and I could take it out if I wasted. Well I did take it out on several occasions,The last time he left town was when his dad died, he was going to be gone about 3 weeks, I forgot to go for about a week, thin I went and took the boat out a couple different days, up to the day before he was coming home. I went there the day before he was back to find the boat gone, I asked several people working around the bay and was told THE BOAT SANK / They pulled it out and have it in DRY DOCK, My Friend came home and asked what the HE** HAPPENED TO HIS BOAT, I SAID IT SANK. HE NEVER ASKED ME TO GO OUT ON IT OR DID HE EVER ASK ME TO WATCH IT. I Wonder Why?

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