Wayne G 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint 2dr Convertible


My 1st car on the road back in 1964 was a 1963 1/2 Ford Falcon Sprint Convertible. Being 16 and in high school that car held a lot of memories of my family, my girlfriend, my dog (Teddy) and school and vacation times. I always regretted selling that car and wanted another. Being rare, I either couldn't find one or the money wasn't there. Persistence paid off and in 1983 I was able to replace it. We were in California at the time and in 1984 got an assignment to Germany. I got to drive the Sprint back home to Ilion, New York. Every mile I have put on the Sprint has brought back memories, but the best memory was when my Dad came out to greet me and saw the replacement from 20 years ago - I will never forget his smile. We still have it and make new memories every time I drive it.

As all of you know - all our cars hold special memories. My Dad sold Chrysler/Plymouth cars and in 1974 I had brought our 1970 Sport Fury home to have some work done. Dad told me to take a 68 300 home till my car was done. I started to go out to the used car lot and he directed me to go the long way through the attached new car showroom. He had placed a White over Black new 1974 Satellite Sebring Plus in front of the door I would have had to go through. When I turned the corner and saw that car I turned and looked back - Dad was in the doorway watching me and smiling. I told him "You did this on purpose - write it up." I still own it and every time I get in it or drive it I see my Dad. The car turned 11,000 miles last year and has taken a national 1st in Original Unrestored.

I inherited Mom and Dad's 1972 Valiant Scamp - another car that just keeps the memories flowing. It was Dad's pride and joy. Sometimes I just sit in it and cherish the memories that flood back into my mind. We did take a national 1st with it in Original Unrestored - Dad would have been real proud - I'm sure he knows.

I had always wanted a Shelby produced vehicle so when I turned 63 (3 years ago now) We purchased a 2008 Shelby GT Convertible - New Memories Every Mile.

Thanks to Hagerty and their policy of wanting the owners of classic vehicles to drive and enjoy them - That is what this hobby is all about - Trailer it if you must, but I prerfer the SMILES PER GALLON that we earn with our cars.

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