Barry M 1931 Ford Model A 2dr Sport Coupe

Rusty Bucket, One HOT RIDE!!!

My dad loved all old cars and had a few over the years, but his favorite was a Model A ford coupe. He gave me the love of classic cars too. We searched for 2 to 3 years for a coupe and one we could fix up as a father son project. We found a complete 29 coupe that was the way henry made it in 29 except for it had a lot rust no roof no tires and just springs for seats also no floor. My dad and I were thrilled to death my mom and sister, called it the rusty bucket. Well my dad and I got to work mostly dad, found some parts he needed like tires and other parts just to get in running. We very excited to take on our first ride sitting on five gallon plastic buckets and still no floor, or roof, and about two feet of exhaust pipe just enough to come right under your feet. It was winter mid December in Ill, with about 3 inches of snow on the ground and roads well snow packed and one good rear sort of brake. We shot out of garage and down the alley into the street just purring along, both of us grining ear to ear grins when dad said something is burning smell it we started looking around when I realized what was burning after seeing flames of the exhaust IT WAS ME!!.. my coverhalls had caught fire from the gas dripping out of the slight leak on the carb dripping on the exhaust making a nice flame thrower!! My Dad hit the brake sending us into a panic nascar spin and into the nearest ditch. After putting out the flames on me by throwing me out of car and into the snow. Dad tightened the gas line we shoved it out snow drove it back to garage, that was enough for our first Hot Ride in our old rusty bucket Model A Ford.... One ill never forget.....

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    Barry centrall il July 13, 2014 at 15:32
    love good stories

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