Robert M 1933 Chevrolet Master Eagle 2dr Sedan

My 33 Chevrolet in the mid 50's

My first car was a 32 ratty Ford but my 2nd car was a rather nice 33 Chevrolet. In Cincinnati we had a traffic cop who rode around in a helicopter in the morning telling us what was what. His name was Lt Mehring and on the top of my car I wrote "Houdy Lt Mehring" and he often talked about it as I went to Woodward HS loaded with friends who chipped in for my gas money.

One time I got picked up in Pleasant Ridge late one evening because I had too many people in and on my car. The cop followed me home to wake my dad to tell him what I had done. Well I couldn't drive it till it passed inspection. I couldn't get the break light to work so I rigged a switch so I could flip it when I hit the break. Norwood inspection was much easier than Cincinnati so I passed and was able to resume driving in a weeks time. I do wish I had that car today.

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