Bill M

Life is but a breeze in a Buick

Friends of the family, my parents classmates, and their kids all close in age.

"Pete" would always have his 1947 Buick convertible in every parade held in my hometown.

Pete's father had purchased the car for his wife as she loved those big Buicks and especially a convertible with big chrome air horns on the fender, and chrome search lamp.

In the heat of those summer days we would all pile in the Buick and go for a cruise to cool off and usually hit a icecream shop. I can just feel that wind in our hair.

When Pete's father died and later his mother, Pete enherited the beautiful burgandy wine colored Buick, and still drove it in parades and a few car shows. Pete died, and everytime I see a Buick covertible I see Pete behind the wheel. Here's a picture of Pete & the Buick.

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