Al L 1961 Lincoln Continental 4dr Convertible

It's Not Just About a Classic Car

My best memory in one of my classic cars is the first time that my youngest daughter joined us for the ride over to the show. I have a 3 and 6 year old daughters and I love them very much. I registered my 61 Lincoln Continental Convertible in the Fabulous Ford’s Forever Show and I had to arrive early enough to park the car in the designated area. The morning of the show neither of my girls complained about waking up unusually early for a weekend. We set off to the show by 7:30 am and half way to the show I happen to glance in the rear view mirror and I saw my 3 year old giving my 6 year old a thumbs-up with the biggest beaming smile while saying “this is great”. I didn’t truly believe that my 3 year old knew what a thumbs-up really meant nor that she could express herself with such deep feelings of happiness. When I think of my time with my 61 Lincoln the first and most lasting memory is of that moment. This moment was a realization that it’s more than just how shiny and beautiful my car is, but more importantly about the priceless memories that we create through our passion for classic cars as a family.

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