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Grandfather's car

My story is about a 1967 Chevelle Malibu which got away it was owned by Dzadzi (grandfather in Polish). I've always loved classic cars ever since I could walk and talk. Dzadzi who lived in Brooklyn N.Y would always keep the Chevelle in the garage it was taken out to be washed, waxed and basically for trips that were to far for walking. Over the years I would help my grandfather with maintenance on the Chevelle which was not an SS but a beautiful plain jane Chevelle Malibu with extremely low mileage. We would take trips to go fishing and the fishing pole's fit just fine in the trunk of that two door car. Try and find a two door car today that you could fit fishing poles, tackle boxes, buckets, a spare tire and a jack in the trunk, good luck. I was told for years that the Chevelle was going to be handed down to me, but when it came time for me to get my license in the mid 80's that did not happen. Family members became furious that I was going to get the Chevelle, so not to create any more tension in the family Dzadzi traded the car in on a new Cavalier. My father and I tried to purchase the car from the dealership with no such luck I dont blame them they new what they had the car was beautiful with very low mileage. As time went on my wounds healed, I never blamed my grandfather I had such wonderful times with him and that car. As years went by and Dzadzi passed away we found the vin# and the old license plates for that Chevelle I've tried to locate that car for years I never thought it would be so hard to find, so much red tape. I look on E-bay and Craigslist all the time hoping to find that car. At one point I took a break from looking for that car until I watched the video of the automobile

that Mr. Hagerty had been searching for and he found the car, it inspired me to keep looking. Rest in peace Dzadzi and Mr. Hagerty. I've heard many stories when someone finally finds the one that got away, if its meant to happen It will. Too hopefully finding the ones that got away.

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