Gary P 1971 Plymouth Duster 2dr Coupe

Drunk Duster

We've owned our '71 Duster for close to 43 years and during all those years the car has been modified.On its 40th anniversary, we celebrated by drinking a beer with a friend and then tapping its rear bumper with a beer bottle and thanking it for giving us care free service for 40 years. Then, I proceeded to pour some beer on its bumper.Fortunately, the Duster was of legal age and didn't have to have its keys taken.The Duster retains its original slant six so, naturally some of my friends want me to pull the engine and install a,small block. I reply that I'm happy with the current running gear and that I possess one half of Chrysler's vee twelve program and as soon as money and engineering coexist, I'll submit my Duster for the transformation.

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