Larry W 1952 MG TD 2dr Roadster

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1952 MGTD Replica

One of my favorite memories is building a 1952 MGTD replica with my oldest grandson, Will, when he was just 10. He was excited each day to go to the workshop and roll around on the creeper. All of the areas that were too small for my hands were reserved for his. We put a new wiring harness in. Within a couple of hours he was at one end of the car and me at the other discussing different gauge wire used for different lights. While my son Patrick and grandsons Jacob and Graham helped on the project, Will found a real love for working on the project. To commemorate the finished car, I had a special plaque made that is proudly displayed on the car.

You always wonder how shared events impact the future. I was in the workshop the other day when Will and a friend of his came down to look at the MG. Will proudly shared the important aspects of the build and with a big smile he opens the hood and proudly points out the builders name. He also the pointed out the names are in order of the amount of time that was spent on the project.

He gently lowered the hood and allowed a few more pictures to be taken. As he left the workshop with his friend he looked back at me with a twinkle in his eye letting me know he is proud of “our project”.


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